Midwestern Lodestar

Midwestern Lodestar is the blogger that read the most books during a challenge 48 hours of reading recently. Since then, her blog has continued to grow as she spends each weekend reading away. It is a nice blog with succinct takes on children’s books that are only updated once a week, making it easy to keep up with the amazing amount of reading she does.

Scholastic Reading Survey

A big thank-you to my new colleague, Marge, who shared this fascinating new study with me. Marge is Head of Children’s Services Extraordinaire here at Menasha Public Library. The Kids and Family Reading Report is interesting reading for anyone teaching children or serving them. It offers amazing statistics that show that children who read more have higher perceptions of themselves. Hurrah! My theory is that children use books both to understand that they are not alone in their own situations and feelings and that they also use books to better understand that others out there are different from them. Both very powerful things to comprehend as a child.
I was also fascinated to see that the number one reason kids cite for not reading more is that they can’t find books they enjoy! Librarians and teachers take note! This a huge opportunity for us! Step up, rally the troops, and both listen to the children about what they like to read and then get those perfect books that fill our shelves right into their hands.
There are many more points made by the survey. It is definitely worth reading on your own to see how it can inspire you as a parent, teacher, librarian. Oh, it is a pdf document so make sure you have Adobe loaded and remember that they work best on a fast Internet connection or with lots of patience.