Renaissance Libraries

I am always on the lookout for great programming ideas. You know, the ones I may not be able to do exactly the same, but that get me thinking in a new direction. The Dublin Library just offered a program that teaches kids to create own comics. Very cool, timely and fun! I love one of the quotes:
“With schools lacking resources to offer such programs, librarians recognize they can give an opportunity for kids and address these interests right here and now.”
So true! And what other programs could libraries be offering to fill gapes. Music? Science? Math? They all tie beautifully into reading and writing. Let’s create a new generation of Renaissance children inspired by their libraries.

American Girl Goes Big Screen has the news that Walden Media has teamed up with American Girl to bring the Kit books to the big screen. American Girl recently did TV films of two of their other titles, and they were remarkably watchable and well done. Let’s hope that they continue that trend with their first big screen film.

Monitoring Kids Books

The Books Section of the Christian Science Monitor has several articles about children’s books right now. They include authors Kate DiCamillo, Kevin Henkes, Megan Whalen Turner, and Tim Egan.