Ouch! by Ragnhild Scamell, illustrated by Michael Terry.
Hedgehog has just finished creating the perfect nest to hibernate in, but as she stands back to admire it, an apple falls from the tree above her an lodges itself in her spikes.   Now she can’t fit into her snug nest anymore.  She asks Squirrel to help her, but when he tugs on the apple, three nuts get stuck along with the apple.  Hedgehog goes from one animal friend to anther asking for help and each time ends up with more and more things stuck to her back.  It isn’t until she asks Goat for help that the situation is resolved.
This book is great fun for kids.  It is the perfect length for preschool storytimes and will get kids giggling along at Hedgehog’s obvious dismay as each new item adds to her burden.  I can see this being a great addition to autumn storytimes.  It reads aloud well and there are plenty of character voices to add to the fun.  Share this one with a group or in your own snug nest at home.