Dimity Duck

Dimity Duck by Jane Yolen is a great toddler book.  Dimity is a fluffy yellow duckling who wakes up, spends her day in the pond with her frog friend, Frumity, and then in the evening heads back home.  The text has a wonderful rhythm and movement to it, yet still manages to be quiet and gentle.  This is one of those elusive titles that will keep small children interested but will not make them hyper or put their adults to sleep. 
One thought is that if you used this title in a storytime, you could do big motions with it.  Children could waddle, toddle and whoosh their wings along with Dimity.  They could wave their feet along with Frumity.  It could be a good way to get their own wiggles out. 
Share this one with a crowd of toddlers or preschoolers.  It fits well into duck story times or even frog ones.  Recommend it to the daycare teachers you know as well.  They will love it too.

Top eBay Books

The eBay Bookseller Blog has an interesting post on the Top Ten Children’s Books sold on eBay this June.  The ten books include the modern Eragon which was the #1 book of the month.  A signed 1st edition sold for over $9,000.  I’m not so interested in that one, but the others are all classics that make this book-lover drool.  From Tale to Peter Rabbit, to Little Black Sambo (one of my childhood faves and my mother’s too) to Green Eggs and Ham and Winnie the Pooh.  Sigh.  Lovely lovely things.