Notes from the Midnight Driver

Notes from the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick.

Released in October.

It rarely happens, but every so often I start reading a book and realize on the first page that this is a book I am really going to enjoy.  This is one of those books. 

Alex is a 16-year-old who is angry at his parents for splitting up.  So he decides to shake them up a little by driving to his father’s house and telling him off.  Unfortunately, Alex has also been drinking and ends up beheading a neighbors lawn gnome. 

Alex is sentenced to 100 hours of service at a senior center where he is assigned to their toughest resident, Sol Lewis, a wise-cracking, hard-as-nails man who completely confuses Alex by calling him names in Yiddish.  Slowly and realistically, Alex and Sol begin to bond through their guitar playing and humor. 

The writing in this book is zingy, sparkling and energizing.  It is pure pleasure to read the wry observations of Alex that play off of Sol’s insults.  The adults, from Sol to the nurses to Alex’s parents, are well-drawn and fleshed out.  The novel speaks to the power of music, forgiveness of family members, and the forging of new connections.  But it is not heavyhanded because of the infectious humor.   There is no sex in the novel and the only violence comes from a beheading of a lawn ornament and Alex’s best friend Laurie’s anger at a headboard.   Teens with a sense of humor, and that is most of them, will enjoy this book. 

Readers are sometimes warned to have a tissue ready, but in this case make sure you are reading where you can laugh out loud.    This one makes it on to my top five of the year.  Solidly. 

8 thoughts on “Notes from the Midnight Driver

  1. this book was assigned to me in my english class. i enjoied it a lot. i dont like reading but this book was worth it. it was funny. i love it!


  2. when i first read this book was cuz i was at the lybrary and i supposed to pick a book and write about it so i get relly interested and i finished this book in just 4 days so i really enjoyed reading this book.


  3. holy cow i hate reading and then when this was assigned i related in a younger version and no i dont drink!!!


  4. I love to read but I rarely find a book that really strikes my interest but from the first to last page I was completely into the book I would recommend this book to anyone who knows a good book when it’s staring them in the face!


  5. this was an amazing book! if you ever want to read a good but read this one!for english class we got to pick which book we wanted and as soon as i saw this one i knew it was going to be great! i couldn’t put it down i think i read in about 3 hours!


  6. woahh man ; this book is great ! i really , really hate reading but this is a book tht i would love to read. i love these kinds of books. the humor and stuff. its great ! i mean, im not a reading type of person but this book really caught my attention. iht was the best book i have read this year !


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