Snow Sounds

Snow Sounds: an Onomatopoeic Story by David Johnson.

Through onomatopeoic words and evocative watercolors, Johnson perfectly captures the morning of a deep snowfall.  The book opens with the extreme hush of falling snow, and readers glimpse a house covered in white with more snow in the air.  Then as a child wakes up, the sound of the snowplow approaches.  As the morning routine progresses inside, the outside world is revealed as roads and driveways are cleared, reconnecting the house and family.  Finally the school bus pulls up with a honk, taking the kids off. 

This is such a lovely book, especially effective because it uses only the sounds of the morning to really provide a mood.  As someone who lives in Wisconsin and adores those hushed winter mornings that signal a snowfall, I know this is a book that will speak to many northern readers.  It is amazingly easy to read aloud, given that it is all sound words.  Children will also be able to follow the storyline easily. 

Recommended for classes doing onomatopoeia, but also for new readers and anyone who loves snow.