Who Is Driving

Who Is Driving by Leo Timmers.

Carried by Timmers’ illustrations, this is a matching book where you match the vehicle to one of four possible drivers.  Then you turn the page for the answer as well as the noise that the vehicle makes.  It is a lot of fun.  The illustrations manage to feel modern and vintage at the same time, with bright colored uniforms and costumes that tell children who fits with the vehicle.   The text is spare but welcoming for small children who will delight in matching things again and again.  (Trust me, I know this from experience!) 

This book is better with a small group or one-on-one because of the details of the pictures that help in matching.  Share it with any child who enjoys vehicles, guaranteeing help when it comes to making the wide variety of engine noises.

Reading Fool Blog

I’m a Reading Fool is a blog I just discovered. It is done by a teen librarian in Connecticut who rates books according to the VOYA scale for both quality and popularity. Sweet!