A Good Day

A Good Day by Kevin Henkes.

Why even bother to review a Henkes book?  Don’t I know by now just to expect greatness?  Well, yes I do.  That is why I simply must read each one! 

With his latest book, Henkes continues to demonstrate his knowledge of children and what appeals to them.  His bold, colorful illustrations combined with exactly the right amount of text make this a fabulous read.  Add to that the exact right amount of tension and you have a real winner.  This book is designed not for the readers of his magnificent mouse books about Lily and Chester and Wemberly, but for younger children, even toddlers.  The illustrations will project wonderfully even to a crowd and beg to be shared.

I don’t think you will have trouble finding a storytime theme to fit this in.  The problem will be trying not to use it again and again and again.  I would also recommend this as a birth gift for a new baby.  It is a book that will entice infants with the colors but will grow with them to be a beloved tattered book.

Tween Program

I love, love, love hearing about libraries that are successfully reaching teens. Tween, teen girls find literary haven tells about the Forest Park Library’s program for tween girls. Obviously it is a success due to the skill and devotion of Emma Peterson:
“She’s always happy and brings fun things for us to do,” Martha said.
Exactly! She’s not frowning and waiting for trouble. She’s happy, energetic and thrilled to be working with teens. Every library needs an Emma!