Pageturner Awards

2006 James Patterson PageTurner Awards have been announced. The awards honor programs that “go to extraordinary lengths to spread the joy of books and reading across the country.” The 39 winners receive cash prizes that total $500,000.
The awards go to programs that serve a variety of ages. The ones for children are remarkable. Here are some that get me all tingly:
826 National, based out of San Francisco, but with offices in large cities across the country, offers free programs that turn children’s books into published works, offers one-on-one tutoring in English, and encourage writing, reading and creativity.
First Book, which is a well-known program, continues to do amazing work in getting books into the hands of children who have never owned their own book before.
Books for Boys at the Children’s Village has librarians, teachers and volunteers share books with at-risk 6-21 year olds. Lovely.
2nd Chance Books at the Austin Public Library works to get books to incarcerated teens. Hurrah! This is certainly one program that should be duplicated across the country.
The lists continue. I am sure that you will find inspiration, new ideas, and value in many programs on the list.