A Seed Is Sleepy

A Seed Is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long.

Once in awhile a book comes my way that I must force my children to read as soon as it enters the house.  This is one of those books!  It immediately jumped to the top of our book pile.  Not that it was a hard sell at all!

This is the second book by the authors of An Egg Is Quiet, which I consider one of the top picture books of last year.  I think that this one is just as wondrous. 

This book continues the glory of the small and exquisite.  You can examine seeds closely from the familiar sunflower and dandelion to the exotic hamburger bean and devil’s claw.  This is a book to pore over with a child, linger over and discuss.  On the way, they will learn about the ways in which different seeds grow, how the plants grow from them, and the wonder of photosynthesis.  The text and illustrations work hand-in-hand to make the science accessible and the information inviting.  Share this with preschoolers through first graders to celebrate spring.

The Navigator

The Navigator by Eoin McNamee.

Looking for a great read for boys from about 5th grade through 8th?  Well, this is the book for you!

Owen finds himself adrift as time starts to run backwards.  He is saved by the Resisters who live on an island outside of time, fighting their enemies the Harsh.  The Harsh want to turn back time to before humans existed so that the land is barren and frozen.  The Resisters are the only ones who stand in their way.  Owen makes friends with Cati, the daughter of the Watcher, who stays awake while all of the other Resisters sleep until they are needed again to fight the Harsh.  He finds himself fighting for his father’s integrity as well as his own as the Resisters suspect that he is working for the Harsh. 

The book is a phenomenal read filled with action galore, great characters, amazing technology, and lots of tension.  It reads like a movie, the writing allowing visualization of all of the action.  The setting and situation are unique to this novel, making it a great gateway book into science fiction. 

Recommend this to boys who enjoy Artemis Fowl.  Yes, it doesn’t have fairies and it is more sci fi than fantasy, but the action is similar and the same kids should enjoy the novel.