Clyde Robert Bulla Obit

Clyde Robert Bulla, author of The Chalk Box Kid and many other novels for children, died on May 23rd at age 93

I think this quote from his obituary article sums up his approach to writing for children:

“I’m reaching children at very impressionable age levels — third to
sixth grade, 8 to 11 years old,” Bulla told The Times’ Charles
Hillinger in 1973. “I have to be very careful what I write about.”

2 thoughts on “Clyde Robert Bulla Obit

  1. okay, I’m just a crazy commenter by now…
    Shoe Shine Girl was one of the first books I read all the way through on my own. I loved it. I was sad to hear he died.


  2. I have known Robert since I was a small child. This has been a great lose to my whole family


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