100 Recommended Read-Alouds

The Public Library of Westland in Michigan has a great collection of 100 Books Your Child Should Hear Before Starting School.  Reading aloud to children is such an important part of emergent literacy! 

As their site says reading aloud to children will

  • improve listening and communication skills
  • build vocabulary
  • and teach that written word has meaning
  • most importantly, you foster a love of reading

I love the idea of a library providing a list of great readalouds for patrons.  Some books are just made to read aloud while others simply don’t have the rhythm, pacing and wording. 

At our library, I recently got to sit in on a focus group for our Long Range Plan where educators discussed the changing relationship between children and books.  While there was mention of children’s new relationship with video games and TV changing their brains, everyone agreed that children still adore to be read to.  So let’s take those modern-brained children and make sure they understand the special pleasure of a shared book.