Hunger Games–Who Will Be Katniss?

Variety has the news that the lead in Hunger Games may be a previous Academy Award nominee.  But that doesn’t narrow down the choices, really.

The three actresses under consideration at this time are:


Jennifer Lawrence – star of Winter’s Bone

Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit

Abigail Breslin from Little Miss Sunshine

Three very different types of actress but all brilliant at their craft.  The film is due out March 2012.

So should it be one of the three above?  Do you have a better pick?  Or should it be an unknown?

2 thoughts on “Hunger Games–Who Will Be Katniss?

  1. My vote’s for Hailee because she’s already proven that she can be a tough girl! I love Abigail, but I’m not sure she has the right presence…she can be feisty but can she pull off the hunter instinct? I don’t know anything about Jennifer. I always think of Katniss as a rough-and-tumble girl with a no-nonsence personality.


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