Harry Potter in the News

Harry Potter frenzy is picking up with the anticipation of the final film.  Here are a couple of interesting recent news items:

Daniel Radcliffe will be appearing on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.  Unfortunately, it seems Radcliffe has double-booked himself, since that’s the same time that he should be doing publicity for the final Harry Potter movie!

What is a studio to do if their star can’t make the PR tour?  Well, if you are Warner you rent the entire Hirschfiend Theater for five nights to keep the star’s schedule clear for your PR tour.  How much?  $500,000.

In other news for Harry Potter fans, you can now attend the Grey School of Wizardry!  A real world version of Hogwarts for young and old wizards alike.  Tuition is a very reasonable $30 per year though you do pay a bit more as you advance through the courses.  I wonder if a diploma would get me in shorter lines at Universal’s Harry Potter rides?