Messing with Classics

Last week, I posted about an upcoming movie version of Peter Pan with the working title of Peter Pan Begins.  My hopes were not high for the film, given the disappointments of previous Peter Pan films.  I mean, you know that it’s bad when it’s the Disney version that was the best version done yet.

I thought my expectations could not be lowered, but I should not have feared.  They were lowered.  Considerably.

According to Cinematical, the film being pitched as Peter Pan Begins rethinks the relationship between Peter and Captain Hook.  They are writing Peter Pan and Captain Hook as BROTHERS. 

Ugh.  Ick.  Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Messing with Classics

  1. Oh, I totally agree with your irritation! I very much dislike reinterpretations of the classics…modernizing Shakespeare is a particular pet peeve!!!


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