Pick a Pup: A Celebration of Dogs


Pick a Pup by Marsha Wilson Chall, illustrated by Jed Henry

Sam is all set to pick out his puppy from the animal shelter.  But he’s not sure how he will know which puppy is the right one for him.  His grandmother assures him that he will figure it out.  On the way to the shelter, Sam visits other dogs.  Which kind does he want?  Does he want a lazy dog?  A playful dog?  A pedigreed, fancy dog?  How will he ever know which pup to choose?

Chall has created a book that celebrates the process of not only getting your first dog but also selecting one from a shelter.  While the book begins in a fairly usual way, when it comes to the variety of dogs Sam meets on his walk, the book really takes shape.  Each dog is celebrated and understood to be the right fit for that specific person. 

Henry’s illustrations help in the celebration of the dogs, keeping all of them friendly, approachable but distinct from one another in both looks and attitude.  The soft and bright illustrations offer just the right tone for the book.

A celebration of dogs and animal shelters, this book would be a great addition to a dog unit or storytime.  It’s also a perfect pick for a Read to a Dog program.  Appropriate for ages 4-6.

Reviewed from copy received from Simon & Schuster.