Review–Spring Is Here by Will Hillenbrand


Spring Is Here by Will Hillenbrand

Mole wakes up and tries to figure out if spring has arrived.  He sniffs the air, tiptoes past Bear’s room and then squishes mud under his feet.  He knows that spring is here.  But when he tries to wake up Bear to let him know, Bear just keeps on snoring.  So Mole comes up with a way to get Bear to wake up.  It involves gathering eggs, milking a cow, churning the milk, pouring, mixing, and baking.  When he presents Bear with his surprise though, Mole is the one so tired from his efforts that he is snoring.

Hillenbrand has created a charming picture book from a very simple concept, making a book that is ideal to share with toddlers.  Sounds have been sprinkled nicely throughout the book, energizing the story.  With only a few lines per page, the pacing of the book will work well read aloud to small children.   Towards the end, the pacing picks up even more as Mole works on his idea to wake up Bear.

The artwork in the book adds to the story’s cozy feel.  The mixed media illustrations have a warmth thanks to their soft lines and homey subject.  Filled with small touches, a complete world is created where friendship between a mole and bear makes perfect sense.

Add this to your spring story time pile, especially if you read to the smallest of children.  Appropriate for ages 2-4.

Reviewed from library copy.

Trash–The Movie


Trash, the novel by Andy Mulligan, is in the works to become a feature film.  Screenwriter Richard Curtis and director Stephen Daldry are teaming up for the movie, which gives me hope for the film.

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