Reading Gets Teens Ahead in Careers


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Oxford University has found that reading is the sole out-of-school activity that will enhance a teen’s career prospects.  Not even sports or music can make this claim.

The study found that 16-year-olds who read books at least once a month were significantly more likely at age 33 to have a job that is managerial or professional.

Video game playing is the other side of the coin, where changes of attending college fell if a teen was spending a lot of their time that way. 

The study looked at 17,200 people aged 33 and compared their extra-curricular activities at age 16 with their careers.  For girls, there was a 39% probability that they would be in managerial or professional careers if they read as teens, compared to a 25% if they had not.  For boys, the figures were 58% for readers, compared to 48% for nonreaders. 

It’s another study win for reading as a teen.  The other study that can out recently showed a link between decreased depression in teens and reading.

Book Reviews–Clackers Board Books

monkeyclacker clackercroc

Clackers: Monkey by Luana Rinaldo

Clackers: Crocodile by Luana Rinaldo

Looking for a great book to give to a new baby?  Take a look at Clackers.  They are board books with super thick pages (could I even suggest that the foam core of the pages would be ideal for little teethers?) Plus they have a handle.  If shaken by the handle, the books make a clacking noise as the pages bounce together.  So these are both books and toys.

Each book has a simple story.  Monkey’s story is about the noises Monkey hears as he swings through the jungles.  The story is filled with enough sounds to make it very fun for little ones.  Crocodile has an equally appealing story with a peek-a-boo theme as Crocodile searches for her mother.  The art of the books is simple and colorful, just right for the audience.

A pair of adorable, fun and functional books for the smallest of readers, these are sure to be thrown, chewed, and shaken by little hands.  Appropriate for infants through toddlers.

Reviewed from copies received from Macmillan Publishers.

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