Book Review: The Loopycoop Hens by Janet Morgan Stoeke


The Loopycoop Hens by Janet Morgan Stoeke

The author of the Minerva Louise series returns with another chicken book.  In this book, three hens named Midge, Pip and Dot watch Rooster Sam with both love and envy.  While they love their Rooster Sam, they wish that they could fly the way he does up onto the roof of the barn.  They try and try and try again, but they just can’t fly.  Even moths can fly, but despite their big wings, the hens can’t fly.  So the hens come up with a plan to spy on Rooster Sam to see how he flies in the hopes that they can copy his flying technique.  But when they spy on Rooster Sam, they discover something they were not expecting!

Stoeke has a knack for creating simple picture books that read aloud well and even though they are simple, tell a complete story.  This makes for a very satisfying read.  Add Stoeke’s humor to the mix and you have a charming picture book filled with giggles.

Stoeke’s illustrations are just as successful as her text.  They have great lines, bold colors, and a friendly feel.  Somehow even with beaks, her chickens smile, show emotions, and relate to one another.  The cocky Rooster Sam with his flopping comb falling over one eye is handsome in a bird kind of way.  The various attempts at flying are very funny.

A fun, simple book that will be a welcome addition to story times about farms and chickens.  Plus, unlike the hens, it’s sure to fly off your shelves.  Appropriate for ages 3-5.

Reviewed from copy received from Dutton Children’s Books.