Review: Boot & Shoe by Marla Frazee

boot and shoe

Boot & Shoe by Marla Frazee

Boot and Shoe were born in the same litter and now live together in the same house.  They eat out of the same bowl, pee on the same tree, and sleep in the same bed.  They do spend their days apart though, one on the front porch and one on the back porch.  Everything was blissful until a squirrel started messing with them one day.  After a ferocious chasing around the house, Shoe found himself on the back porch, where Boot should be, and Boot was on the front porch with no Shoe in sight.  The two waited and waited for the other to show up, they missed dinner, and got drenched in a rainstorm, but the other one never showed up.  They even made sure to check the other porch, but they both did it at the same time and missed each other.  How will they ever find one another?  Read the book and find out!

Frazee has written a book that is very funny but also filled with a wonderful friendship between these two identical dogs.  The fact that they spend their days apart but their activities so closely meshed adds to the pleasure of the book.  The wonderful peace of the way they spend their day is just so perfect that it’s almost a relief when chaos enters with the squirrel.  Then the fun begins!

Frazee’s art is as warm as ever.  She has a wonderful comedic timing that is shown off particularly well in this story with two dogs and two interwoven storylines.  The squirrel chase alone, captured in a single two-page spread, is worth the read.

Another treat from the amazing Frazee, this book is pure fun and a great read-aloud too!  Appropriate for ages 4-6.

Reviewed from copy received from Beach Lane Books.