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10 Books for Parents Who Want to Raise Kind Kids – HuffPost

We’ve rounded up 10 parenting books that promote emotional intelligence, empathy and kindness.

18 of Your Favorite Middle Grade Books about Friendship! – BookRiot

We all need somebody to lean on and books to get our read on.

Children’s and teens roundup: the best new picture books and novels – The Guardian

Wizard ninjas, a flying pony, adventurous crabs and a formidable classroom competition and more

Here’s how the literary world is shedding light on the lives of undocumented kids and teens – NBC News

While there are currently about 1.09 million undocumented kids and teens under 18 in the United States, their stories are rarely told in popular culture.

Magical Middle Grade Graphic Novels that Celebrate the Weirdness of Growing Up – Bookish

Growing up is incredibly and inescapably weird. It is weird in its own unique way for every single kid. So graphic novels for middle grade readers might as well be weird too, right?

Marvel, Scholastic Team to Produce Middle Grade Superhero Novels – Publisher’s Weekly

Beginning in 2020, Scholastic will publish two novels, Shuri: A Black Panther Novel, to be written by Nic Stone, bestselling author of such novels as Dear Martin and Odd One Out; and Avengers Assembly, an original middle grade series to be written by Preeti Chhibber, Spider-Man superfan and author of Spider-Man: Far from Home: Peter and Ned’s Ultimate Travel Journal.

Newsmaker: Raina Telgemeier – American Libraries

Being a kid swallowed by fear and anxiety felt so isolating. If I had had a book like this, it would have helped me enormously. I make books for the kid I was, knowing there are other kids (and grown-ups) out there who will see themselves in my stories. The more of yourself you share with others, the better.

Read it and weep: LGBTQ kids deserve queer-friendly books – The Berkeley Beacon

Seeing representation in media is a powerful tool to make LGBTQ+ kids feel less alone in the world by creating a sense of normalcy around queerness. If queer kids see characters like themselves in the books they read, they’ll feel more like their peers.

U-M alumnus Meltzer writes about true heroes in children’s books – The Detroit News

“I pick people who represent the values I want to give my own kids. Historical figures who represent kindness, compassion, humility, or in the case of Walt Disney, creativity. Along the way, we learned one thing: We’re not that special. Millions of parents want the same thing for their own kids,” explained Meltzer.

World Kid Lit Month: Why so few Arabic Children’s Books Have Been Translated into English – The National

“I think the attitude of publishers towards children’s literature in translation is changing,” says Arabic translator Sawad Hussain. “Having said that, the ‘big five’ publishers need to do more to include translated kid lit on their lists and also make themselves more open to receiving submissions.”


2019 Library Design Showcase – American Libraries

These shining examples of innovative architectural feats address user needs in unique, interesting, and effective ways.

Chrissy Teigen Is Delighted by the Public Library (And I Am Too) – BookRiot

I walked in and was like “wait you can just….walk in?” then I walked out and was like “wait you can just…walk out?

Cleveland Public Library picks design teams for first 5 projects in $100 million plan to improve 27 branches –

The library system’s project is designed to emphasize “forward-thinking, human-centered design to create functional, efficient library spaces that will benefit the Cleveland community for years to come,’’

The Experience at Local Libraries Has Changed – It’s Now about People More Than Books – CBS New York – VIDEO

How googly eyes solved one of today’s trickiest UX problems – Fast Company

Axelsson decided to use googly eyes combined with sound and movement to both show the robot’s intent and express its state of being. Most importantly, the eyes are programmed to indicate the robot’s direction to customers, so they’re not caught unaware when it’s moving around.

In case you didn’t know, the Vatican Library has been digitized and is online – Aleteia

Today, the Vatican Library treasures around 75,000 codices, 85000 incunabula (i.e., editions made between the invention of the printing press and the 16th century), for a grand total of more than a million books.


6 of the Best Epic YA Fantasy Novels – BookRiot

You will find royalty, revolution, huntresses, faeries, and a whole host of other intriguing elements in these fantasies!

6 YA Books about Teens Embedded in Technology – BookRiot

Here are six YA books that feature teen hackers, coders, and inventors.

Nonfiction for YA Readers: Second Half of 2019 – Stacked

The titles absolutely include books perfect for research and reference, but these titles also serve as more recreational nonfiction reading for teens. This isn’t comprehensive, but it’s a good, solid start.