Good Knight, Sleep Tight

Good Knight, Sleep Tight by David Melling is a picture book that will have children and their grownups happily poring over the illustrations and finding new silly details.  When a new princess is born in the palace and her favorite pillow is destroyed by the royal cat, a knight is sent out to restuff the pillow with something soft and fluffy enough to please the princess.  The knight bravely gets bear fur, wolf hair, and finally feathers to stuff the pillow.  Each new stuffing is tried out by his trusty horse.  When the knight returns with the pillow, the princess still isn’t happy, but her older brother has the solution. 
This book is very silly and children will have a super time with it.  Make sure that on your second reading you follow what the knight’s shield is doing on each page.  And then you can also spend a long time at the Feather Trees with all of the birds and the horse who is scared of heights.  This is a lot of fun.  Add it to the not so huge list of great read alouds that feature knights.