Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson, pictures by Tiphanie Beeke.

This autumnal title is quite charming.  Fletcher is a fox who has a favorite tree.  But he is very worried about it because the leaves are turning brown and starting to fall off.  He tries his best to reattache leaves, but they just keep on being taken off by the wind.  A flock of birds even helps him, but to no avail.  When the last leaf finally falls off into Fletcher’s hand, he is distraught and takes the leaf home to keep warm and safe.  The next very cold morning Fletcher heads out to the tree and discovers that it has become even more lovely.

The text of the book changes from narrative to  poetic and flowing in places, easing the reader through the magic of the season.  It is the illustrations that make the book really sing from the deep autumn colors to the swirling wind and finally the icicles on the tree.  It is a visual journey through a changing season that is emotional and evocative. 

Add this one to your fall storytimes as well as any tree or plant themed ones.  It also makes a great home-read for a preschooler as you snuggle together under the covers.