Nothing to Do

Nothing to Do by Douglas Wood, illustrated by Wendy Anderson Halperin.

This is a book all about how great it is to have absolutely nothing to do.  Get away from children who use the word BORED far too much and instead treat them to a new way of viewing free time.  As freedom itself.  The text by Wood is lovely, open-ended and freeing, offering so many ways to spend time that are expansive and imaginative.  My favorite page is:  “Or building a fort, a secret place where no one can see you because you can’t see them.  And surviving for hours on peanut-butter sandwiches and lemonade.”  Brings back all sorts of lovely summer afternoons spent in the tall grass behind the house. 

The illustrations lend themselves to the subject with dreamy but deep colors that evoke all sorts of memories.  Based on different patterns found in nature, the pictures are in panels offering all sorts of ideas of special ways to spend these found moments of time. 

This is exactly the book that rushed children need.  Shut off those video games, turn off the TV, and just dream.

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