Terrible Storm

Terrible Storm by Carol Otis Hurst, illustrated by S. D. Schindler.

This is the story of two of Carol Otis Hurst’s grandfathers who grew up near one anther and were friends since boyhood.  They couldn’t have been more different.  Walt is outgoing and happiest when in a crowd while Fred is quiet and enjoys being home alone working on projects.  Then a blizzard hits and Walt finds himself alone in a barn with only cats and farm animals for company while Fred is stuck in an inn filled with all sorts of people.  Both of them are horrified by where they are trapped.  Even as old men they still reminisce about the terrible storm.

I so enjoyed this book with its old-fashioned feel and great quiet sense of humor that is present in every picture.  The use of almost comic-like panels really emphasizes the juxtaposition of the two men and their discomfort with their predicament. 

Add this to your snowy story times, especially if you are sharing stories with kindergarteners or older.  They will appreciate it more than preschoolers. 

One thought on “Terrible Storm

  1. This looks like a great book, and I should rush out and try to find it tomorrow before we batten down the hatches here in Minnesota for the storm they’re predicting this weekend! I love your description–it has a very “I walked 5 miles to school, up hill both ways, in the snow” feel to it.


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