Green As a Bean

Green As a Bean by Karla Kuskin, illustrated by Melissa Iwai. 

If you were green what would you be?  A bean, a leaf, a blade of grass?  What?  Filled with language that is strong and evocative, this book features illustrations that are equally strong and vibrant.  Again and again the question is asked about what you would be. If you were square?  If you were loud?  If you were small?  What would you be?  The choices listed are just the tip of the iceberg and are varied and interesting enough to get children’s own imaginations going. 

This picture book is one that creates discussion when it is being read.  If you read it to a group, be prepared to hear all sorts of ideas and thoughts spontaneously shared.  I would encourage using it with an art project where kids could use the different colors and shapes and qualities in the book to create a picture of what they would be. 

One thought on “Green As a Bean

  1. I just recently read this book and think it’s adorable. I like your art idea – I have done similar projects with Dr. Seuss’ My Many Colored Days.


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