Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth: Insect Ninja and Tiger Moth and the Dragon Kite Contest by Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Eric Lervold.

I didn’t expect much from these easy-reader graphic novels when I took them home for my sons.  I knew that the boys would be hooked by the cover art and the titles alone, but had no expectations of quality.  I was very pleasantly surprised.

Tiger Moth is a 4th grader who is also a ninja, he has an apprentice ninja named Kung Pow whom he is training in the ninja arts.  In the first book, Tiger Moth finds himself cast unhappily in the school play.  But a mystery unfolds when a painting is stolen from the stage.  Who could have done it?  In the second book, Tiger Moth must figure out who is cheating at the kite contest and how. 

The books are graphic novels, meaning that the art work carries a lot of the story line.  And the art is accessible and fun, just right for easy-readers.  Reluctant readers will pick these up happily.  Even better though is the fact that the humor of the stories create a venue for language play.  The puns are giggle-worthy and there are plenty of them. 

The age of the protagonist makes these great for elementary age reluctant readers, the format lifts it out of any stigma about easy reader books, and the puns make it more interesting for older children.  This is a winning combination. 

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