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FairyTalesCollection.com is a site that offers biographical information on the authors of fairy tales as well as featured stories from their writing.  I adored fairy tales as a child, which a strong preference for the Grimm brothers rather than Hans Christian Andersen.  Unfortunately, the Grimm section is still under construction, but hopefully the gore of the Grimm stories will soon fill the pages.  And why is Mark Twain listed?  I never considered him an author of fairy tales.  Is my Twain reading too limited?

2 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Site

  1. Short answers. To the first question: “because he wrote fairy stories” and to the second “yes”.
    I love your recommendations and use them to tell my grandchildren what to borrow from their local library here in the UK. Not all of the books are, of course, suitable for girls aged 5 and 10 nor are all of them available here but it’s a really good start at widening their reading habits – particularly with the older one.


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