8 Things Meme

I got tagged for the 8 Things Meme by Mentor Texts & More. So here are 8 of my facts/habits.

1.  I am a glutton for information, reading far too many email lists and RSS feeds.  I try to cut back, but find myself adding new items to my Google Reader almost every day, even though I don’t manage to even read the RSS feeds I have every day.

2.  I am a Web 2.0 junkie and love exploring 2.0 features on sites and in libraries.  Library 2.0 has rocked my world and I go around speaking about it whenever I am asked.  Go ahead, ask me!

3.  I am very pushy when I get riled, which can be often.  A colleague once told me that my passion for libraries is never in doubt.  Wasn’t sure that was a compliment, but I decided to take it as one.  I have a meeting this afternoon where I plan to be pushy as all get out.

4.  I recently discovered Mika’s new CD and absolutely love it.  It pairs well with my soundtrack from Seussical the Musical which is my other current fave.

5.  I am married to my high school sweetheart.  We met in third grade where I absolutely hated him.  He grew on me after awhile and we started dating in our junior year.  We’ve been together ever since.  Laughter is the secret to our marriage.  That and the fact that he doesn’t mind being married to such a pushy woman.

6.  I live in a house with a ravine out back which has a small creek in the spring.  I often go outside just to breathe and talk to the trees.  We are allowing the ravine to return to wildness with fallen trees, weeds galore, and lots of animals.

7.  My office is neater than my house, perhaps because children don’t share it with me.  Or maybe because at home there is so much more to do than tidy up.  After all, I have to have time to read!

8.  I struggle with a TV addiction that I don’t want to share with my children.  I’m afraid I could watch Top Chef, America’s Next Top Model, and Studio 60 on a continuous basis.  Shameful, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “8 Things Meme

  1. I, too, am a glutton for information. The reason I don’t do Google reader is the exact reason that you listed in #1.
    I don’t know anyone now that I knew in third grade except for my parents, so WOW.
    #8 is also why I don’t have cable (but not purely–I’m no saint–if I had cable AND Tivo…it’s that darn librarian’s salary thing…)
    our library is stumbling in to 2.0.–also, I’m really bad at being pushy, but I’m learning.
    this was fun!


  2. So what RSS reader do you use? I used Bloglines for years, tried BlogBridge but it didn’t recognize some of my feeds, and now use Google Reader.


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