Another Percy Jackson Movie Is Coming

Thor Freudenthal has been hired to direct the second film in the Percy Jackson series, according to /Film.  He will be following Chris Columbus, who directed the first movie.  The first film was not a huge hit, but neither was it a flop. 

I’m intrigued by the concern expressed about the age of Logan Lerman, the star of the films, who is now 19.  Goodness, hasn’t it been a long-running choice to cast older actors as teens?  We only have to look at Hunger Games for that. 

So what do you think?  Are you eager for a second Percy Jackson movie?  And what about Lerman’s age?

One thought on “Another Percy Jackson Movie Is Coming

  1. dang…. wish logan lerman was 19!!!! What’s with that?
    If every movie takes two years, and the second movie is coming out next year, that would make logan lerman 20. so then by the third movie he’ll be 22, by the 4th, he’ll be 24, and by the last, he’ll be 26.
    Assuming all the movies stay in the two-year range!!!!!!


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