Monkey Around with These Easy Readers

Jeff Mack has created a winning new series of easy readers featuring Mr. Monkey.

Mr. Monkey Bakes a Cake by Jeff Mack

Mr. Monkey Bakes a Cake by Jeff Mack (9781534404311)

In the first book in the series, Mr. Monkey decides to bake a banana cake. Despite some inventive ways of using ingredients, his cake turns out beautifully. It’s nice enough that he’s inspired to enter it into a contest. But now he has to get his cake across town to the competition and that will not be easy. Using plenty of vaudeville-like falls, trips and hazards, the book is fast-paced and funny. Even when disaster seems certain, there is an opportunity suddenly to succeed.

Mr. Monkey Visits a School by Jeff Mack

Mr. Monkey Visits a School by Jeff Mack (9781534404298)

In the second book, Mr. Monkey visits school. After learning to teach himself to juggle, he is invited by the school librarian to come and perform. Mr. Monkey gets himself ready and drives to school but is stopped by a cow in the road. When he tries to toss the cow out of the way, it lands on his car. Now he has to walk to school in the rain and then the snow and then even more snow. He finally arrives but along the way manages to lose all of his props. Look out! He’s about to improvise!

These books are inventive and children learning to read will enjoy the strong sense of humor that permeates them. The classic prat falls and silliness are intoxicating, particularly when combined with the very simple text. Add in the illustrations that help tell a large part of the story and you have a really funny new addition for your early reader shelves.

Mr. Monkey will keep kids learning to read turning pages and giggling along the way. Appropriate for ages 4-6.

Reviewed from copies provided by Simon & Schuster.